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Come to the world's number one theme park - Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Park - and explore everything it offers with the PacMaps WDW Magic Kingdom Park Map App (Application). Find rides, attractions, kid's stuff, restaurants, shopping, shows, restrooms and so much more! Find your location on the map using the GPS feature!


Amy herman said on 06/19/2009...
I just downloaded this from the app store. How do I clear locations after I have added them to the map?

ron watkins said on 06/27/2009...
love it, love it, love it, I want all disney maps

Jake said on 11/14/2009...
Excellent map of magic kingdom, we just used it on our vacation. I plan on using this app next year as well when we go to Disney again, awesome app

Admin said on 11/17/2009...
@Amy With the new version coming out in a couple weeks, you'll be able to clear locations by pressing the X on the title bar. You'll also be able to click anywhere on the Magic Kingdom map and it will display a pin and the title of that location on the Disney map for the iPhone.

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