About PacMaps

PacMaps delivers a new kind of map to the world - the handheld, customized map that follows you around! With the help and support of our designer and developer community, PacMaps delivers quality map applications to consumers all over the world. Finding your way will never be easier!

Imagine never having to look for a bathroom, restaurant, airport gate, theme park ride, building name, or other place ever again! PacMaps is bringing you the ability to navigate inside and out, directly from your pocket.

With new web and mobile technology, consumers can create and share maps like never before. PacMaps has its own GPS mapping application and tools that allow developers to create maps where no maps exist, create maps from existing maps, and create maps right from your computer as well. With the endless creation possibilities PacMaps has made available, we can deliver a wide variety of maps all over the world to tourists and locals alike!

The specific idea of PacMaps started in Fall of 2007 and has been a great success since. If you would like more information about the company or would like to contact us about any opportunities, please use the contact information available on our contact page.